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There’s A New, Unwelcome Neighbor – Spotted Lanterfly

In the midwest, invasive species are rarely a concern like they might be states farther south. But as of September of 2023, we have a new neighbor who is both colorful and destructive: the spotted lanternfly. These accidental imports from China and Vietnam will soon be everyday sights, everywhere from Plainfield to the Quad Cities,…
Weed control bare patches lawn care

The Lawnpocalypse Has Arrived

So, your lawn has become a desert inhabited by weeds and zombies. Maybe you bought a new house and it was already like this. Maybe you just haven’t had the time for lawn care. Whatever the reason, we have a solution for you, but it may not be what you expect. What would you think…
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7 Signs It’s Time For Lawn Seeding

Your lawn can start looking thin and worn over time especially after a grueling summer or winter. The most effective – and affordable – solution is seeding. But, how do you determine when it’s time to seed your lawn so new grass can grow into healthy, thick, and lush turf? When to Hire a Seeding…
aerate lawn care overseed weed control

The Importance of Core Aeration for Lawns

From early spring through late fall, homeowners and groundskeepers alike are focused on making sure their lawns are regularly watered and mowed, helping keep up the curb appeal of neighborhoods and local businesses. When it comes to treating a lawn, the first go-to is often fertilization. With the goal of ensuring that the grounds are…
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Lawn Restoration: How To Plan Your Long-Term Restoration Goals

Some “experts” will lead you to believe that lawn restoration in Plainfield costs an arm and a leg. And aside from being expensive, these overpriced lawn care “experts” often suggest overly complicated and unnecessary solutions.  Stop paying more than you need to for complex and confusing options for keeping your lawn looking good. Instead, you…
voles holes lawn care treatment

7 Signs You Have Voles in Your Yard

When a rabbit or deer pays a visit to your garden, it’s easy enough to spot, what with the missing plants, chewed shoots, and nibbled leaves. But voles in the yard can be harder to identify. Also known as meadow mice, voles are small, pudgy creatures which look like mice but with darker color and shorter…

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