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You Want The Natural Approach

You love nature, but you hate the weeds all over your lawn. You want a nice lawn, but you’re concerned about spraying chemicals onto your yard. What are your options?

Conventional Lawn Care

Conventional fertilizers feed the grass, but they have unwanted effects on the environment. The nutrients that aren’t taken up by the grass can be washed away by the rain, ending up in rivers, where they can have negative effects on the ecosystem. Overapplication can leave grass worse off than if it had no fertilizer at all. 

All effective weed killers and herbicides are man-made. With conventional lawn care, you’re left with few options for a natural approach.

Natural Lawn Care

If you’ve got thick, healthy turf, the grass does the work of repelling weeds naturally. Turf density creates an environment where your grass outcompetes weeds without the use of synthetic herbicides.

Natural fertilizers – those that come by their nutrients through natural processes – do more than just feed your grass. They nourish your soil. A greater variety of nutrients are delivered and they have to be broken down by beneficial bacteria first. Because this process takes longer, the nutrients stick around, continuing to slowly feed your lawn without the risk of burning your grass or polluting waterways. Over time, this process restructures the soil itself, allowing for a better flow of water, air and nutrients. With well-structured soil, roots grow deeper and your lawn becomes resistant to weeds and disease.

Your Lush, Green, Organic Lawn

Spring Overseeding
Start the year by adding healthy seeds to your lawn to create an environment where grass will outcompete weeds for space. Throughout the year, it’s natural for some of your grass to die off, and you can bet a weed is anxious to fill that gap. When that happens, you’ll want ample grass seed ready and waiting. 

Milorganite: An Unusual Organic Fertilizer
Milorganite, one of the oldest fertilizer brands on the market, provides a greater variety of nutrients than standard synthetic fertilizer. 

Lime: Memories of An Ancient Ocean
The lime your lawn needs is made from ground limestone. Limestone is soft and porous, and found everywhere in the world. But, eons ago, each grain of limestone was the shell of some aquatic creature zipping and bobbing through an ancient body of water. Over many years, these shells deposited in layers on the seafloor or lakebed, and under the pressures of water and time, became compressed into stone.

Though lime contains useful nutrients, its main purpose isn’t feeding your lawn. Lime balances the pH of your soil, increasing general nutrient availability.

Aeration and Seeding
Dense turf is great, dense soil isn’t. Compacted soil limits how deeply nutrients can penetrate, limiting grass to shallow root depths. Aeration is a much-needed massage for your lawn, relieving the pressure built up over the year. It’s also a natural way of removing thatch, which conventionally involves harsh chemicals or otherwise damaging your lawn.

Fall is a great time for aeration. In the winter, your lawn enters a deep grassy slumber called “dormancy.” It spends autumn, wet and mild, storing nutrients for its months-long nap.

And, following the same logic as the spring overseeding, we add extra seed to your lawn in the fall to be ready to fill gaps as they appear.

But Will My Lawn Look Good?

Yes! The process is going to be different. Nature takes her time, but she offers great results. Natural lawn care is about building good soil, consistently seeding new grass and allowing roots to support thick turf. Your weeds won’t disappear instantly with the wave of an herbicide wand, but instead with the steady growth of your vibrant, lush grass.

Take Care of Your Lawn the Natural Way

The professionals at Tee Time Lawn Care will get your lawn lush, thick and green without the use of artificial fertilizers. To schedule service, call us or use the nearby form for a quote.

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