Vole Control

Voles are mouse-like rodents that are commonly called meadow or field mice. They are distinguishable from actual mice because of their short tails, stocky body, and beady, little eyes. They might look small and cute, but these critters cause many problems, especially with damaging your lawn, trees, and other plants.

Signs of Voles

The type of damage voles do to your yard is easy to distinguish from mole and gopher damage. Voles create a crisscross system of tunnels that help them travel through your yard in search of food. Their burrows will look like a lot like cracks on the surface of your lawn.

You will also notice holes throughout your yard. Voles create golf ball-sized holes, and this is where they enter and exit the tunnels.

Vole Damage

Vole damage can happen at all times of the year. Voles are mostly herbivorous and feed on a variety of grasses, herbaceous plants, bulbs, and tubers. In the winter, voles will eat bark and roots of small trees.

Tee Time’s Preventative Vole Control Program

The most effective way to help stop a vole infestation is to set up vole traps. Our technicians at Tee Time will bait the vole traps and place them  where there is the most vole activity. Because of their typically large numbers, placing more than one  vole traps  is the only way to cease your vole invasion. After the voles have been caught, we will remove the voles and traps and then work with you to discuss ways of preventing voles from returning.

Our technicians at Tee Time Lawn Care are familiar with vole habits and know the most efficient way to go about eliminating voles from your lawn. Schedule a Preventative Vole Control Program or other pest control services by submitting a quote or contacting Tee Time Lawn Care.

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