Grub Control

Grubs are one of the most damaging types of lawn pests. Grubs are the immature form (aka larvae) of Japanese beetles. These beetles lay their eggs in lawns. Those eggs will hatch into grub larvae in the summer, feeding on your lawn’s roots, and leading to severe damage over time. Grub control offers homeowners a quick and highly effective solution to eliminating grubs.

Signs That Your Lawn Has Grubs

  • Areas of your grass start to die off, leaving brown patches and wilting grass.
  • Your lawn feels unusually soft when you walk on it
  • Areas of your lawn are being dug up. This is caused by animals trying to get at the grubs to eat them. Grubs can also lead to lawn damage caused by animals like skunks, raccoons, moles that will tear up your lawn to feed on grubs
  • You see grubs under the surface of your lawn

How To Prevent Grubs

Our Preventive Grub Program offers homeowners a quick and highly effective solution to eliminating grubs. Our Preventive Grub Control program applies an insecticide that works to reduce immediately, if not eliminate, the population of grubs on the lawn.

Examples and signs of Grub Damage

New and existing grub damage signs can take many forms including bare areas in the lawn, brown grass that is laying down, digging and animal scat from skunks and racoons. Here’s some examples:

Grub Damage in Lawn
Grub damage in lawn and signs of animal activity
Animal digging damage due to grubs in lawn

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