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Something is not looking right with your lawn, but what could be the issue? Lawn disease and fungus can come in a variety of forms. Some signs of a lawn fungus include discoloration, brown and yellow patches of dead grass. Many homeowners think that they have fertilizer burn rather than fungus due to the discoloration. However, if the turfgrass is not bouncing back after fertilizing, watering, or proper mowing, then the problem is linked to lawn disease.

The Cause of Lawn Fungal Disease Include:

  • Lack of water
  • Mowing with too low of a setting
  • Overwatering
  • Too much fertilizer
  • Inconsistent changes in temperature and humidity

Types Of Lawn Fungal Diseases

Treating The Problem

Once you have determined that you are dealing with a type of fungus or disease, it is time to treat it. It is best to treat fungus as soon as you spot the problem, as some diseases can spread and kill the whole lawn.

At Tee Time Lawn Care, we have two preventative fungus programs that can help with the spread of fungus diseases:

Our 2-Step Curative Fungus Program is designed for customers who are not sure if fungus will develop in their lawns or if they do not grow in their yard every year. With this service, we encourage customers to call us immediately if they see signs of lawn fungus. The first treatment will prevent fungus from progressing and spreading. The second spray will kill off any fungus before it begins to strengthen again.

Our 3-Step Preventive Fungus Program is designed for lawns that have a know fungus issue that recurs yearly. This 3-Step program is perfect for customers who want to reduce the chance that fungus will develop in the yard. The program includes three preventative treatments evenly spread to provide maximum protection against fungus. Preventing the fungus will help save customers from needing a costly over-seeding application to fill in spots from where the fungus progressed too far.

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