Annual overseeding your lawn is important for building the thick, healthy turf that you want. For cool season favorites like fescues, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial rye, the time to sow seed – whether to plant a brand new lawn or fill in the bare spots – is in the fall season (mid-August to mid-September). Since the soil is warm during this time, the seeds germinate quickly and the growing grass thrives in the cooler air.

The overseeding lawn process during spring can be done but it doesn’t yield the same results due to weed control. Application of weed controlling products is a must during spring and it can stunt the germination and growth of new seeds. 

Want A Thicker, Healthier Lawn? Overseeding is the Solution

If your lawn is looking a bit pitiful and sparse, an overseeding lawn service might be just what the lawn expert ordered. As the grass starts getting old, it must be replaced. Most lawns need overseeding every year or so, and a quick overseeding lawn treatment is generally all that’s required to get the lawn looking lush once again.

To get rid of bald spots and bare patches in your yard, the first step is to prepare the ground for an additional seed application. Then the area is seeded to match the rest of the lawn. Light as well as soil conditions need to be matched with the grass varieties best suited to thrive in your climate. 

Fall Overseeding vs. Spring Overseeding

The best time to overseed your lawn is during the fall if you live up north since the soil is still warm and there are not as many weeds to get rid of. Generally speaking, the northern climates have warm to hot summers and cold winters. Spring overseeding can also work if you have cool-season grasses.

If you live somewhere in the South, overseeding your lawn should be done during late spring through mid-summer. Warm-season grasses require warmer soil temperatures to germinate, and they turn brown once the cooler season arrives.

If your overall grass cover is thin, our experts at Tee Time Lawn Care can perform an overseeding lawn treatment. It will involve spreading an even layer of new grass seeds over the ground. You will see a visibly greener and thicker turf that will be long lasting as well.

Why Choose Tee Time Lawn Care For Overseeding Lawn Services

Tee Time Lawn Care is a tech-enabled lawn care and pest control company that uses organic-based and kid- and pet-friendly fertilizers. We can combine the lawn aeration and overseeding to increase the seed-to-soil contact for better germination. It will also make your new turf more resistant to drought, pests, and diseases. Sometimes yards can be damaged by insects, diseases, or environmental conditions – overseeding can provide an affordable and effective solution to this problem.

Overseeding is one of the best kept secrets that are used by lawn care experts to grow thicker and lusher grass varieties regardless of where you live! Here are a few key benefits you can expect from overseeding your lawn with Tee Time Law Care specialists:

  •       It will provide a denser and thicker look to your lawn by helping fill out the bare, thinning, worn out, or damaged patches
  •       It will cut down the invasion of moss and weed
  •       It will enhance the color and enriching appearance of your lawn

Contact Us For Fast & Effective Overseeding Lawn Services

Our experienced overseeding experts measure your lawn areas, property size, and driveway length to give you the most accurate and affordable quote. We also consider frequency of service, growing region and several other factors in order to generate the most competitive quote in the industry. To request a FREE quote, call our overseeding lawn pros today at 815-940-7473 or reach us online.

Benefits Of Overseeding For Your Lawn:

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