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You’re automatically entered to win one of 3 drawings for a Free aeration when you schedule your Fall Aeration & Overseeding! Drawings held in August, September & October of 2022. Speak with a Tee Time representative for details or fill out the nearby quote form and we’ll be in touch. Good Luck!

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Our service is truly the “elite” of the industry because, unlike all others, our customers get the chance to have the best lawn on the block, amazing customer service, and quality kid and pet-friendly products on their lawn.

Tee Time Lawn Care strives to have the best-looking lawn in the area, and we take pride in our work. All of our fertilizer is organic-based, and safe for your family and pets.


The absolute best preventative for undesirable weeds and crabgrass is thick turf density. Although Mother Nature continues to reseed weeds and crabgrass, it is difficult to control weeds and crabgrass 100%; most other lawn care companies never truly address this most important solution to the problem: turf density.

Our first objective is to improve your root structure, which is the most important part of lawn thickness. Once this is accomplished, we then can begin to apply the proper materials to eradicate the weed and crabgrass populations.


Being a root focused lawn care company, we start with the right granular fertilizer for the right time of year.
Our effort to increase the density of your turf basically twofold: (1) Our fertilizations are customized to promote the growth and reproduction of desirable turf and (2) we introduce the highest sod quality turf types into the lawn through seeding with new genetically improved cultivars of seed that are lab tested and produced to be disease and stress tolerant.
Tee Time Lawn Care strives to have the best-looking lawn in the area, and we take pride in our work. All of our fertilizer is organic-based, and safe for your family and pets.


A beautiful lawn does not happen by itself. Tee Time Lawn Care offers landscaping services to freshen up your lawn.

One Stop Solution For Expert Lawn
Care And Pest Control​

Tee Time is more than just your local lawn care service provider. We are your one-stop solution to pest control, tree and shrub care, and landscaping. With our professional crew of lawn care specialists, we have the tools and experience needed to get your lawn into top-notch quality and protecting your home and lawn from destructive pests, lawn disease, and weeds.

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What our clients are saying about us.

Tee Time has been treating my fathers lawn for many years now and it looks amazing. He takes pride in his lawn and when he became too old to take care of it himself he was worried about having to depend on someone to treat it for him but he could not be happier with Tee Times results. Sam is very knowledgeable and always manages to remember all the specifics my dad has told him about our lawn. Sam the workers know my dad is older so they always do things like bring the empty trash cans up from the curb to help out

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Unhealthy Lawn Before Proper Lawn Treatment
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Healthy Lawn After Proper Treatment
Exclusive organic-based lawn care
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Exclusive organic-based lawn care

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Dandelions in particular, weeds in general, do not seem concerned about how long the lawn has been under good care. Airborne seed and seed which have been in the soil for years will seek the opportunity to grow in any area of weakness in turf density. In fact each dandelion weed produces up to 200 seeds per weed plant. Weather extremes usually create these kinds of weak areas, even in the best lawns.

Chemical fertilizers are a “quick fix” solution. They provide the nutrients grass needs, but at the expense of our water, soil, and the living environment within the soil. Organic fertilizers are made from natural ingredients and break down slowly to produce a long-lasting feeding for your lawn. Organic fertilizers are an all-around better choice.

Core Aeration loosens the soil to improve the flow of air, water, and fertilizers to the grass roots. Aerating your lawn also controls thatch build-up, relieves compacted soil, and stimulates root development, creating a healthier lawn. This is one of the best things you can do for your lawn once a year.

Since different lawns develop thatch layers at different rates, the only answer available is – regularly. However, annual or bi-annual aeration in September and October (when roots are growing vigorously) will normally prevent an unpleasant mess at some future date.

If you are seeing brown patches in your lawn, pull up on the grass, if it pulls up like a piece of carpeting, this is a sign that you have grubs. You might even notice grubs when you pull up the grass.

The best thing you can do to fight disease on your lawn is to mow properly and keep your lawn watered. If you have lawn problems, please feel free to call us for a diagnosis. DO NOT wait until the damage is bad.

Fertilization will allow the lawn to recover with the areas recovering center out giving it a “frog-eye” look. Even after disease controls are applied, a disease can be persistent.

Thatch is a mat of old root systems, partially decayed leaves and upswept clippings which accumulates between the grass plants, just above the soil surface that holds nutrients to the soil and protects the crown of the grass blade.

Under normal conditions, its recommended to water a lawn a 1/2 inch per week. A great watering hack is to place an empty tuna can near your sprinkler, and when the can is full, you can move the sprinkler or stop.

There is a Services Agreement which outlines the terms and conditions for all services provided.

From time to time, we offer promotional pricing for existing and new customers. Call, log into your account, or email for most recent offers or promotional pricing.

Promotions and pricing can change at anytime and without notice and does not carry over from year to year. If promotional pricing was accepted by and service is terminated by the customer, Tee Time reserves the right to charge the value of the promotion at the time of termination or issue a refund less the value of the promotion.