Lime Treatment

Lime contributes to thriving, healthy lawn needs soil with the right pH balance of acidity and alkalinity. If your lawn’s soil’s pH is too low, it can become susceptible to a variety of lawn diseases and won’t respond as well to fertilization. A lime treatment can help your turf absorb more nutrients, make the soil richer, and reduce the disease symptoms. The result is an excellent lawn you’ll never want to leave!

What is a Lawn Lime Treatment?

Adding lime (limestone) to a lawn helps correct the soil acidity levels and leads to that greener, denser turf look every homeowner wishes for. Applying lime also prevents and controls weeds in the lawn. The soil in many areas has high acid content. The availability of nutrients to the grass is impacted by the level of this acidity.

Applying lime treatment once a year can completely transform your lawn and ensure your turf is absorbing nutrients in the most efficient manner. It adjusts the pH level of your lawn to the right degree. 

Here are a few benefits of improved pH levels due to a lime treatment:

  •       Fewer weeds grow since most weeds grow in acidic soils
  •       Root growth and development of the grass is enhanced
  •       Fertilizer becomes more easily accessible to the grass 
  •       Thatch accumulation is reduced

The Lime Treatment Process And How it Works

Step 1

Your Tee Time Lawn Care specialist will perform a soil test to determine your soil’s existing pH level.

Step 2

A lime treatment will be applied in the fall or spring when rainfall is prevalent in your area. 

How Lime Treatment Works

We always say that lawns are like people; when acidity levels rise up in your body, you can experience inflammation, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, heart disease, and a plethora of other health issues. Similarly, when acidity levels increase in your lawn’s soil, several problems can arise including lawn diseases and reduced turf growth.

The solution – in both cases, be it your body or your lawn – is to increase the alkaline levels and balance the pH. Lime treatment is the process of applying an agent to reduce the acidity of the soil and increase the pH level. This allows the grass to grow easily and more healthily. pH is the degree of acidity in the soil and it ranges from 0 to 14. Here at Tee Time Lawn care, we prefer the pH level at 7 since it is the perfect balance. 

Lime Treatment In Sync With Your Soil’s pH

Once you schedule your FREE lawn analysis, our lawn care professionals will test your lawn’s soil pH (free of charge) to figure out the number of applications and amount of lime required to balance out the pH. We use high quality, granular limestone to reduce the likelihood of dusty residue that often comes with using powdered limestone. Our granular lime treatment dissolves quickly and penetrates the soil more effectively.

Our lime treatment experts will also remind you that while lime includes magnesium and calcium, which are vital for a healthy growth of plants, you will still need fertilizer. The main role of lime is to offset the acidity in soil by altering its pH level, which increases the plant nutrient availability.

Fast, Affordable, and Highly Effective Lime Treatment For Your Lawn

Tee Time Lawn Care uses high-quality limestone for the lime treatment to alter the soil’s acidity levels. Want to know more about our professional lawn care and lime treatment services? Call our expert lawn care pros today at 815-940-7473 or write to us online to schedule a FREE lawn analysis or request a free estimate.

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