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Everything You Need to Know About Gypsum

As a homeowner, you’ve probably experienced dry, cracked or caked soil while walking your lawn. Or yellowing grass color. In some cases, this is a result of weather conditions. And its also a reflection of your lawn’s soil.

Many suburban homes in our area have heavy soil with high clay content. This type of soil slows air penetration, water infiltration and interferes with nutrients reaching your grass roots.

Plus these heavy soils also make it harder to develop a thick, healthy grass root structure.

And yellowing grass suggests salts, acidity and an imbalance of important minerals in your soil that your lawn needs.

Gypsum is an important soil conditioning treatment that helps improve your soil quality and reduce these common problems for a healthy lawn, including:

  • Introduces calcium and sulfer into the soil. Both are needed by plants to reduce yellowing and produce a vibrant, green lawn
  • Breaks up compaction, hard soil and crusty surface
  • Improves drainage and reduce salts from animals and hard surfaces
  • Neutralizes and balances soil acidity

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Tee Time Lawn Care Services

The real lawn care season starts in the fall when conditions are right for improving your soil, strengthening lawn roots and growing new grass for thick, healthy turf.

Your lawn’s turf density is your number one defense against weeds next spring, including hard to manage weeds like crabgrass, clumping fescue, clover and creeping charlie. This is because healthy lawns naturally outcompete weeds in the lawn.

Core aeration with seeding is how you get your grass roots and new grass growing. By pulling soil core plugs, you give your grass roots room to expand. Plus you maximize the seed to soil contact getting the greatest amount of grass seed germination yield.

Combined with soil conditioning and good mowing and watering habits, you’re on your way to a lawn you’ll love!

Why Tee Time Lawn Care?

At Tee Time Lawn Care, our experts take immense pride in their work and are extremely dedicated to provide visible results. Our services are designed to make your lawn healthy and thriving in the most sustainable ways. We are the first choice for lawn care and maintenance for homeowners who are seeking an exceptional level of dependability and results.

Thicker Turf Density: Getting Rid of the Crabgrass and Weeds

The best preventative solution for undesirable crabgrass and weeds is thick turf density. While Mother Nature continues to reseed these, it’s tough to control them 100%. The majority of lawn care companies never even address turf density! Our first objective is to improve your lawn’s root structure which is the most important factor that determines lawn thickness. Once we accomplish that, our quality lawn care experts can begin to apply the necessary products to eradicate the crabgrass and weed populations.

Customized Fertilizers and High-Quality Turf Types

Since we focus on the “root” problem (quite literally), we begin with applying the organic-based granular fertilizer. Our process of increasing the turf density of your lawn involves 2 steps:
• Using customized fertilizers to promote the growth and reproduction of desirable turf; and
• Introducing the highest quality turf types into your lawn through seeding with the latest genetically improved cultivated varieties (cultivars) of seeds that are resistant to pests and diseases

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