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Save on Preventative Grub Control

Starting at only $99

What homeowner’s like you need to worry about is expensive damage to your lawn and landscaping caused by grubs.

Adult Japanese beetles will eat the leaves on your favorite ornamental and fruit trees and shrubs. They end up lacing the leaf and resulting in unsightly damage.

And when they’re done eating your plants, they lay their eggs in your lawn where new Japanese beetle larvae then eat the roots of your grass.

When grass roots are gone, the grass dies. And dead grass can be expensive and time consuming to replace.

There is good news. You can protect your property by treating your trees & shrubs and preventative grub control for your lawn.

Tee Time’s Tree & Shrub programs protect your valuable landscaping from insects and disease.

And Preventative Grub Control is low cost insurance to keep grubs from destroying your lawn and causing expensive damage.

Remember the Fram oil filter ads? “Pay a little now or a lot later”. Those ads were about timely oil changes to protect your car engine from expensive damage.

Preventative Grub Control works the same way. Starting at only $99, this valuable protection could save you thousands of dollars in lawn repair later.

Ask a Tee Time expert about adding Preventative Grub Control to your service today. Call or fill in the quote request form today for information.

Why Tee Time Lawn Care?

At Tee Time Lawn Care, our experts take immense pride in their work and are extremely dedicated to provide visible results. Our services are designed to make your lawn healthy and thriving in the most sustainable ways. We are the first choice for lawn care and maintenance for homeowners who are seeking an exceptional level of dependability and results.

Thicker Turf Density: Getting Rid of the Crabgrass and Weeds

The best preventative solution for undesirable crabgrass and weeds is thick turf density. While Mother Nature continues to reseed these, it’s tough to control them 100%. The majority of lawn care companies never even address turf density! Our first objective is to improve your lawn’s root structure which is the most important factor that determines lawn thickness. Once we accomplish that, our quality lawn care experts can begin to apply the necessary products to eradicate the crabgrass and weed populations.

Customized Fertilizers and High-Quality Turf Types

Since we focus on the “root” problem (quite literally), we begin with applying the organic-based granular fertilizer. Our process of increasing the turf density of your lawn involves 2 steps:
• Using customized fertilizers to promote the growth and reproduction of desirable turf; and
• Introducing the highest quality turf types into your lawn through seeding with the latest genetically improved cultivated varieties (cultivars) of seeds that are resistant to pests and diseases

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2 Free Visits with Grub Control

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Tee to Green Program

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