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What Is Aeration And Why Is It Good For My Lawn?

Aeration refers to a popular lawn care practice which is designed to create vents in lawn turf and the soil structure beneath it. The goal here is to break through the thatch layer and root, so essential air and water can seep into the soil to provide nutrition to the grassroots.

This whole process is known as core aeration, and it is performed by punching small cores or plugs into the lawn. Generally, aeration is done with a motorized machine, but it can also be performed by hand tools if you have a small lawn. 

Does it sound like an overly complicated and unnecessary process? Well, allow us to explain why aeration can be a game changing process for your lawn care in Plainfield.

What Is Aeration And Why Is It Important 

Aeration is the modern wonder that can solve the problem of heavily compacted soil. If your lawn receives a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis, or your lawn has heavy clay content in the soil, it means you have compacted soil.

The aeration process is often advertised as a solution to thatch-related issues, but it doesn’t help much if there is already thatch in your lawn. If your lawn is suffering from a thatch problem, de-thatching might be your best bet.

But since de-thatching is a very chemical-heavy and violent process, an annual aeration lawn care in Plainfield is highly recommended to prevent thatch issues in the first place. Here are a few more benefits of hiring a respectable lawn care in Plainfield to aerate your lawn:

Improves the Health of Your Lawn Turf

If you’re tired of your lawn grass looking dead and dry, aeration can revive it back up. By providing the root zone with greater access to water, air, and fertilizer, aeration can funnel nutrients right into the roots. 

Reduces the Build-Up of Thatch

Thatch is a layer of dead grass that gets accumulated in everyone’s lawn at one point or other. If left unaddressed, it can grow into a pretty layer and prevent the grass from consuming necessary nutrients.

Aeration will help manage that thatch accumulation by introducing thatch-destroying microorganisms from your lawn’s soil and the thatch layer.

Alleviates Compaction of Soil 

Compacted soil is not good for your lawn as it prevents water, air, and fertilizer from reaching the roots. If your lawn has compacted soil, you are going to see a lot of dead patches and spots sooner than later. The aeration process will decrease the density of the soil leading to a decrease in compaction almost right away. 

Improves the pH Balance of Your Lawn 

Knowledgeable lawn care in Plainfield experts apply sulfur or lime after the aeration is done; this is to promote the change of pH deeper into the soil properties. You know what better pH levels mean – nutrients will be able go deeper into the root zone so your turf looks greener and fresher than ever before!

Take Your Lawn Game To The Next Level With Superior Weed Control 

While aeration is an essential part of a healthy lawn care regimen, it can’t do much good if your lawn is overrun with weeds. If your turf areas have a weed problem, make sure your lawn care team first eliminates those weeds from germinating before beginning the aeration process.

Our Tee Time Lawncare professionals have devised a highly effective 3-step pre-emergent process that will keep your yard completely weed-free for at least 4-6 months. Once the weed barrier starts losing its strength after 6 months, it will be the perfect time for aeration and overseeding.

Here is how our 3-step pre-emergent process works:

Step 1: The first step involves applying granular Prodiamine in two sessions, preferably at the beginning of February as soil temperatures reach 55 degrees F. Prodiamine is a water-dispersible formula, and when it is applied to the soil at 55 degrees, it proactively stops weeds from germinating. 

Step 2: This step is the same as the first step, where the Prodiamine and fertilizer will be applied again at the end of February. This second application will give your lawn an extra 2 months of protection from weeds such as goosegrass, crabgrass, white clover, spurge, dandelions, thistle, and false dandelions.

Step 3: Finally, Dimension and fertilizer will be applied somewhere in the last two weeks of March. This application prevents weed germination and kills any broadleaf, crabgrass, or goose weeds that may have started to germinate.  

You may be wondering why we apply Prodiamine and fertilizer in two sittings? Well, this way, the formula won’t cause root shrinkage to your lawns. Clearly, our 3-step pre-emergent process is vastly different from one single use of Prodiamine that most lawn care pros use in Plainfield. 

Looking For Best Lawn Care in Plainfield? Contact Tee Time LawnCare

At Tee Time Lawncare, we cater to the lawn care and aeration needs of commercial and industrial customers in Plainfield, IL. When you choose to work with us, you get skilled and licensed lawn care in Plainfield and landscaping professionals who know what they are doing. With our proprietary fertilizers (OMRI-certified and composed of organic materials) and lawn care technology, there is no lawn we can’t tame and transform! Give us a call or use the nearby quote form to schedule an appointment.

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