How To Care For Your Lawn In Extreme Heat

how to care for your lawn in extreme heat

Does sitting outside in the extreme summer heat stress you out? Extreme heat stresses out your lawn too! The lack of sufficient water and unbearable heat can cause damage to your garden. Here are five tips on how to care for your lawn in extreme heat.

How To Care For Your Lawn In Extreme Heat

1. Do not cut your grass too short.

Summer days can be tiresome when you mow the lawn, and you might think to cut the grass shorter. However, cutting your grass too short will stun your plants’ ability to grow. When grass is cut at the proper height, it develops stronger roots that allow for more support and more tolerant of stress.

A good rule of thumb is to never remove more than 1/3 of the grass height at one time. Following this rule will allow your lawn to thrive and avoid stress.

2. Limit Watering

How To Care For Your Lawn In Extreme Heat Limit Watering

Grass manages better when the soil is dry rather than wet. When soil is consistently wet, it can cause problems. Moist soil deprives the grassroots of oxygen and makes it more susceptible to disease. Including rainfall, lawns typically only need 1″ of water per week. Watering early in the morning can give your yard the full benefit of hydration before the sun dries your lawn out by mid-day. Avoid watering your garden in the evening; standing water without drying out can lead to mold and fungus.

3. Use Organic Fertilizer

Tee Time uses a fully organic fertilizer on your lawn during the extreme heat. A summer application of organic fertilizer will continue to give your garden the nutrients it needs. Fully organic fertilizer will not burn your garden, even in the hottest and driest conditions. 

4. Check Your Lawn For Pests and Lawn Disease

Pests and lawn diseases are more common during the summer months. Water early in the morning to avoid pests and fungus, try to water in the early morning. Avoid nighttime watering; this will increase the chances of pests, such as mosquitoes, to breed and fungus to grow.

5. Decrease Foot Traffic On Your Lawn In Extreme Heat

How To Care For Your Lawn In Extreme Heat Decrease Foot Traffic

Wear and tear from foot traffic can take a toll on your lawn. Animals, workers, kids, or vehicles can damage the lawn’s structure, turning it brown and eventually wearing it to bare dirt. Be aware of any areas that appear to be getting worn from foot traffic and avoid them until those areas recover. Over-seeding in early fall is an excellent way to thicken the lawn for the next year and help repair traffic damage from the summer.

How To Care For Your Lawn In Extreme Heat: How Tee Time Lawn Care Can Help

Whether it is a lawn care fertilization plan, fungal treatment, pest control, landscaping, or how to care for your lawn in extreme heat, our team will be happy to work with you, answer all of your questions, and get you started on the program that fits your needs.

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