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7 Step Spring Lawn Care Checklist

Spring Lawn Care

The weather is warming up. But before you start thinking about parks, picnics, and cookouts, you should be thinking about your lawn. Our 7 step spring lawn care checklist marks all the tasks you need to complete to get your yard ready for spring.

1. Spring Lawn Care Cleaning

Spring cleaning does not just mean decluttering closets or attics. Spring cleaning also applies to your lawn. The first task of getting your yard spring-ready is a thorough cleaning. Spend an afternoon enjoying the breezy warm weather by walking through your lawn and cleaning up any dead twigs, branches, leaves, etc. Do not forget to spend some time raking up dead grass.

2. Spring Lawn Care Weed Control

Being able to control those dreadful weeds before they emerge in the summertime is an essential part of a beautiful lawn. Our exclusive 3-Step Pre-Emergent weed control prevents seeds from growing, which prevents these weeds from taking nutrients from your grass. Time is everything! The key is to get pre-emergent weed control on your lawn as early in the spring as possible so it can work fast.

3. Prep Your Mower

Make sure your mower is in optimal shape for cutting springtime grass. Here are some mower maintenance tasks to have your mower ready for spring:

  • Make sure the filter is cleaned or replaced.
  • Change out the oil by draining the old, dirty oil in a container and refilling with new oil.
  • Sharpen your mower blades. You do not want to cut grass with dull blades.
  • Clean your mower using water and paper towels or a rag to remove any of last season’s grass clippings.

4. Dethatch and Aerate If You Must

Winter did a number on your lawn. Make sure to get rid of any dead stems and roots that developed over the winter. You can dethatch your yard by hand, using a rake or a dethatcher. Aeration helps water and nutrients reach your lawn’s roots more easily. Aeration can be done with several aeration tools, such as a spike or move-behind aerator. Both dethatchers and aerators can be rented or purchased at any home improvement store, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. At Tee Time, we recommend aerating your lawn in the fall but spring aeration can be performed as well.

5. Spring Lawn Care Fertilization

Fertilization is another step in springtime lawn care. It is essential only to fertilize when the grass is actively growing. Remember: the lawn is coming out of high-stress conditions, and using too much fertilizer before your yard has had time to recover could potentially harm it.

Granular fertilizers have been a tried-and-true way to feed and maintain lush green lawns for several years now. There are many benefits of choosing a lawn fertilizer service that uses granular fertilizers. For starters, it is extremely cost-effective as even the highest-quality spreaders are not only affordable but they generally last the life of your lawn.

And since granular based fertilizers have slow-release properties, one application can feed your lawn for extended periods. If you live in an area where summer gets really hot, granular fertilizers will serve your lawn better. Using liquid fertilizers in a place that receives a lot of sun can burn the foliage. Granular feeds, on the other hand, don’t collect on grass blades and can be spread any time or any day you want. 

6. Eliminate Grubs

Late spring is the time that hibernating grubs in the lawn begin to crawl toward the surface to chew grass roots, before turning into beetles. It’s also a great time to apply Preventative Grub Control to deal with the resulting new grubs that will hatch in coming weeks. Definitely treat for grubs if you had a problem last year or know that a neighbor is having a problem with grubs.

7. Mowing and Watering

The final steps of springtime lawn care are mowing and watering. Mowing lengths depends on the type of grass you have. The main rule to grass height is never to cut more than one-third off the top while mowing.

It is ideal to water your lawn 1-2 times a week. Watering your lawn sparingly is more beneficial because this process promotes shallow roots and makes the grass less drought tolerant. 

7 Step Spring Lawn Care Checklist: How Tee Time Can Help

With your spring lawn care checklist in mind, you can now start planning for sunshine and rising temperatures. Make sure to get all your spring lawn care tasks checked off because summer will be here quicker than you think. Be sure to take a look at our Lawn Care Programs and contact us if you have any questions or are interested in a FREE quote!

While you are taking a break from your spring lawn care checklist, be sure to check out Top 100 Lawn Care Blogs, where you will find many helpful tips on all types of lawn care from companies throughout the industry.

To have us take care of your lawn after your checklist is complete, visit our Tee Time Lawn Care lawn care service page to keep your lawn looking it’s best all year long.

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