winter lawn care

What Happens To Your Lawn In The Winter?

Winter Lawn Care

Worried about winter lawn care? Your lawn can experience a range of issues during the Winter months that could carry over to the Springtime, including:

Crown Hydration

Crown hydration occurs during the late winter months when warmer daytime temperatures cause the snow to melt, followed by rapid freezing temperatures. The worst affected areas in your lawn are those regularly exposed to water. The lawn will absorb all this water and become soaked. Extreme temperature changes cause thawing and rapid refreezing that causes plant death.

Winter Desiccation

Where crown hydration is too much water, winter desiccation is too little. Winter desiccation occurs when the lawn and other plants are unable to supply enough water; this damage results to plant death. Strangely enough, prolonged snow coverage during the winter months is considered ideal since the snow provides moisture for the lawn. 

Salt Damage

Road salts and ice melters are great to prevent the buildup of snow and ice during the winter months. However, too much use of these salts can be very hard on the lawn and the soil. To much salt removes moisture from the soil and causes the lawn to become dehydrated and die. 

Snow Mold

Ever noticed gray-colored circles on your lawn? I hate to break it to you, but that is called “snow mold.” Snow mold is caused by cold-weather fungi that affect your lawn. Signs of a problem aren’t noticeable until the Spring when the snow melts.

Lawn care is important in all seasons, not just Spring, Summer, and Fall. There are many different steps you can take to decrease or avoid some of these winterkill issues. It’s not too late to take action during the first few weeks of Spring to ensure a healthier lawn for the future.

What Happens To Your Lawn In The Winter: How Tee Time Lawn Care Can Help

For more tips on how to keep your lawn healthy this year, or have us take care of it for you, contact Tee Time Lawn Care. We also offer different lawn care services that keep your lawn looking it’s best all year long.

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