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Benefits of Landscaping 2020

Benefits of Landscaping Benefits of landscaping is not just cleaning up leaves in the fall or planting fresh flowers. Landscaping includes designing your unique space to meet your own needs. Landscaping combines both hardscaping and softscaping. Hardscaping involves hard materials incorporated into your area. This includes patios, decks, or walkways. Softscaping involves trees, plants, bushes,…
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How to Identify and Treat These Common Lawn Diseases

Something is not looking right with your lawn, but what could be the issue? Lawn fungus and disease can come in a variety of forms. Some signs of lawn fungus include discoloration, brown and yellow patches of dead grass. Many homeowners think that they have fertilizer burn rather than fungus due to the discoloration. However,…
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Why Your Lawn Needs Preventative Grub Control

Grubs are one of the most damaging types of lawn pests. Grubs are the larval form of Japanese beetles. The Japanese beetles lay their eggs below the surface of your lawn, these eggs hatch into grub larvae in the summer, feed on your lawn’s roots, and lead to severe damage over time. Here is why…
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How to Care for Your Lawn in Extreme Heat

Does sitting outside in the extreme summer heat stress you out? It stresses out your lawn too! The lack of sufficient water and unbearable heat can cause damage to your garden. Here are five tips on how to care for your lawn in extreme heat. 1. Do Not Cut Your Grass Too Short. Mowing the…
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5 Common Lawn Care Problems From Too Much Rain

Lawns need rain, but too much rain can cause problems. According to data from the National Weather Service, Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport has reported 8.3 inches of rain in May of 2022, making it the wettest May up to date. Of course, you can’t control the rain, but you can take steps to help your…
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Benefits of Aeration and Overseeding

There are many benefits of aeration and overseeding. These two important services are beneficial to repair the wear and tear that summer fun inflicted on your lawn. Fall is the best time to rejuvenate your turf for a lawn you can love next spring. Benefits of Aeration and Overseeding: What Is Aeration? Soil can become…