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The Difference between Spring Seeding and Fall Seeding

Are you seeing bare patches on your lawn these days? Have pets or local wildlife damaged your lawn? Whatever the reason, seeding your lawn is a great way to get that lush, healthy, green grass you want. The mid-summer heat can keep new seedlings from sprouting. So the question is, when is the best time to seed your lawn… in the fall or spring?

Spring Seeding vs. Fall Seeding

If you’re a typical homeowner, you may think that the best time to seed your lawn is in the spring, especially since Spring can produce weeks of rain and mild temperatures. Although, what many don’t count on are the potentially high temperatures can become harsh on tender, new grass, make it challenging to keep seedlings alive.

Here are other springtime lawn practices that you might find counterproductive:

  • Applying pre-emergent weed killer to your lawn during the Spring sounds like a good idea, which may keep weeds from invading your lawn. Although, what you may not know is that weed killer can also keep your new grass seeds from germinating, too.
  • When seeding your lawn in the spring, it should be done after the second cut to allow the seeds to settle on the soil’s surface. Although, by the time you seed your lawn in the spring, you may be dealing with nasty weeds already.
  • Seeding in heavily shaded areas may sound like the best environment to generate a healthy lawn, as shaded areas don’t often require the need of applying a pre-emergent. Although, heavily shaded lawn areas often lack the sunlight that new seedlings need.

Considering the many springtime lawn care obstacles homeowners deal with, it may make more sense to consider fall as the best time for seeding.

Why Is Seeding in the Fall Better?

Getting straight to the point: fall weather is perfect for new seedling growth. Not only is your lawn’s soil warm from the summer months, it’s likely to be moist for early germination before the colder temperatures roll in. Seeding in ideal environments will give your lawn the potential to develop a strong root system in the spring and before the summer temperatures set in.

If you’re wondering exactly when to plant the grass seedlings this fall, the answer depends more on the weather conditions than a specific time of year. In most regions, late August through mid-October is usually the ideal time for fall seeding.

Rejuvenate Your Lawn With Fall Seeding 

No quality lawn service program is complete without an efficient seeding solution to maintain or build thick grass. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your existing lawn or establish a new lawn, Tee Time Lawn Care is focused on helping improve your neighborhood’s curb appeal.

Our residential lawn care seeding services offer the following benefits:

  • innovative seeding techniques to develop a deep root structure
  • the removal of bare or thinning lawn areas to eliminate weed-growth
  • drought-tolerant and disease-resistant grasses that generate healthier lawns

To get the lawn you’ve always dreamed of, choose the residential lawn care treatment services your neighbors use… Tee Time Lawn Care. For pricing and to schedule a service appointment, call us or contact us with the nearby quote form.

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