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The Lawnpocalypse Has Arrived

So, your lawn has become a desert inhabited by weeds and zombies. Maybe you bought a new house and it was already like this. Maybe you just haven’t had the time for lawn care. Whatever the reason, we have a solution for you, but it may not be what you expect.

What would you think about a lawn care company that told you not to buy fertilizer and weed control?

This Is NOT The Time To Fertilize

Without grass, there is no lawn. Applying fertilizer to bare earth just creates a banquet for weeds. Your immediate concern is to get your grass going.

Aeration is the first step. Without turf to cover it, soil grows dry and compacted and nutrients can’t flow freely through the soil. Aeration makes very small holes in your soil, allowing the earth to breathe. It’s a simple but important step.

Seeding fills the holes left behind by aeration, maximizing seed-to-soil contact, which means maximum seed germination. Breaking up the compacted soil helps turfgrass roots grow deep and strong.

The seed that’ll be applied to your lawn is a mixture of time-tested success grass along with newer breeds. When the lawn grows in, it’ll look uniform, but it’ll be a diverse team of grasses working together to preserve your soil and block out weeds.

Water Is Life

To maximize germination success, you’ll want to saturate the soil with water a few days before seeding to ensure ideal conditions. The seed dies if it dries out. Once planted, water again, just enough to ensure the first couple inches of earth is damp. After that, how often you need to water will depend on local rainfall. If water hasn’t been falling from the sky, you may want to water twice a day to keep the first couple of vital inches wet. The best time to water is in the morning and early evening, when it’s not too hot or too cold.

Once the grass has started to come in, you can begin a more standard watering schedule.

Soil Amendments

Soil has structure. With compacted soil, its tiny particles pack together and block the passage of air and water. By applying more organic matter, these particles form into aggregates, binding more closely to each other and allowing for better flow. Compost and mulch are both great for reintroducing these compounds to the soil.

Applying lime is also a great way to restructure soil. Like sheep around a shepherd, particles of clay flock (it’s actually called “flocculation”) around a particle of lime. This is an amazing way of balancing pH. The more neutral the soil is, the more available the nutrients become.

Timing Is Everything

Seasons matter when surviving the Lawnpocalypse. 

Summer heat stresses the grass and evaporates water. 

Spring is better; it’s cooler, wetter and there’s plenty of sunlight, but your grass won’t be stable by summer. 

Autumn is when to do it. Grass grows best in relatively cool conditions, and there is plenty of both water and sunlight in the fall. Soil temperatures are ideal for grass seed germination.

Be careful about applying weed control at this stage. Even the grass-safe stuff can stress seedlings, so wait until you’ve mowed at least 4 times before applying any. Remember, the best weed control is a thick, healthy lawn.

Congratulations! You’ve Survived The Lawnpocalypse!

Having a soft, lush carpet of happy grass right outside your door isn’t so far away. It’s an awesome investment, but you want to invest wisely. When you fertilize where there’s no grass, you’re welcoming weeds to be your neighbors. If you have a sparse, weedy lawn, aerate! Seed! Water! Amend! Once your lawn is stabilized, then it’s time for fertilizer and weed control.

We Can Help!

We have the equipment, skill and experienced technicians you need to have a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood, no matter how far into the Lawnpocalypse you find yourself. Call us or fill out the nearby form for a quote.

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