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Liquid Fertilizer for Grass? It’s Time to Rethink Your Lawn Fertilizer Service

If you have a lawn, you’ve probably bought or have someone else sprinkle fertilizer at some point. The thing is, there are so many types of fertilizers available in the market, it can get quite overwhelming to choose the best one.

Most lawn fertilizer service professionals choose liquid fertilizer for grass because it’s cheaper and easily available at local stores. However, liquid fertilizers are becoming outdated because they are not as efficient as some lawn care companies would like you to believe. 

Liquid Fertilizer for Grass: Why It’s Doing More Damage Than Good

Liquid fertilizers became popular in the last decade due to their ease of application. Also, liquid fertilizers seem to give very fast results in an extremely short amount of time.

So, what’s the catch?

A lawn fertilizer service that uses these chemicals will not make the blend specifically for your lawn. It would be simply too expensive. And liquid fertilizers give faster results, which means they work on a “quick-release” basis. In other words, you will need to apply the fertilizers very frequently.

The cost of having to put so much fertilizer so frequently can add up pretty quickly.  Not to mention the labor cost of consistent application through the growing season means you’ll be paying a hefty lawn maintenance fee every month!

As we mentioned earlier, they’re not going to be using nutrient liquid blends specific to your lawn. Companies that use liquid fertilizers take the approach of one-size-fits-all. If your lawn doesn’t react positively to that particular blend, well, too bad. 

Also, if the liquid fertilizer blend has not been correctly mixed when stored it can separate, causing significant damage to your lawn’s root zones and vegetation. For this reason, a reliable lawn fertilizer specialist company will prefer to avoid using liquid fertilizer.

The Solution: Granular Based Fertilizer

Granular fertilizers have been a tried-and-true way to feed and maintain lush green lawns for several years now. There are many benefits of choosing a lawn fertilizer service that uses granular fertilizers. For starters, it is extremely cost-effective as even the highest-quality spreaders are not only affordable but they generally last the life of your lawn.

And since granular based fertilizers have slow-release properties, one application can feed your lawn for extended periods. If you live in an area where summer gets really hot, granular fertilizers will serve your lawn better. Using liquid fertilizers in a place that receives a lot of sun can burn the foliage. Granular feeds, on the other hand, don’t collect on grass blades and can be spread any time or any day you want. 

Want a Greener and Healthier Lawn? Call Us to Get a Free Estimate 

At Tee Time Lawncare, we offer a proprietary, granular-based solution that packs quite a punch. If your lawn needs a bit of TLC, and you’re looking for long-term, high-quality lawn care solutions, we will be happy to help. Our landscape specialists are complying with the strict COVID-19 health protocols, including wearing PPE, so you are in safe hands. Call us or us the nearby form to schedule a free lawn care consultation today!

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