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Tee Time Lawn Care has the local, Bettendorf area lawn solutions for building a thick, healthy lawn, taking care of your trees and shrubs or controlling insects and pests on your property.

If you enjoy time at the Family Museum, along the Riverfront Trail or relaxing downtown, Bettendorf homeowner’s and their lawn’s have unique needs. Tee Time understands our area’s unique weather and soil conditions, and has the experience to create programs tailor-made to our area’s needs. This is no one-size-fits-all approach. Trust our skilled lawn service technicians who know the area and are dedicated to helping you.

With our seasonal extremes, your lawn goes through a lot in a year. Let us help it out with our fertilization programs that are specialized for our area, its temperature and distinct needs.

Bare spots in your lawn? Those don’t just go away. As soon as grass dies without a ready replacement, the soil starts to compact, inviting weedy invaders. Give us a call about aeration and overseeding to get your lawn looking spectacular.

If moles are undermining your lawn care efforts, don’t let them do your landscaping. we have all the tools to send them on their way.

Whether you live in Pheasant Hills, Cedar Wood, Deer Ridge or other Bettendorf area neighborhoods – whether bluegrass, fescue or zoysia – Tee Time Lawn Care lawn fertilization & weed control, aeration and pest control services you need Fore! A Lawn You’ll Love

Bettendorf Lawn Care Service

Save Over 30% Off 2024 Lawn Care

Save Over 30% Off by signing up with Tee Time Lawn Care today!

Tee Time Lawn Care’s seven step lawn fertilization and weed control lawn care program is proven to help homeowner’s like you build thick, healthy turf while controlling weeds. For a limited time get 2 Free visits when signing up for the program with preventive grub control!

Fill out the quote form at the top of this page or call a Tee Time Lawn Care expert today!

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Not All Lawn Care Is The Same

Not all lawn care services are the same and its very important to know what you’re buying in order get the results you’re looking for.

At Tee Time, our 7 step program really includes 15 different services while many cheaper lawn care programs 7 steps is just that, only 7 services.

What makes Tee Time Lawn Care worth the investment is our process and results, including:

  • Organic based, slow release granular fertilization that builds healthy roots and turf on EVERY visit
  • Unique 3 Step Pre-Emergent Weed Control designed to get weeds before they get established. Cheaper lawn care programs apply 1 pre-emergent that works for about 30 days. The Tee Time program makes weed control more effective longer into the season puts your lawn on the path for the results you want
  • At least 5 applications of post-emergent weed control that kills weeds that do make their way into the lawn all season long

For tips on comparing services, visit our How To Buy Lawn Care Services page.

Tee Time Lawn Care 7 Step Program

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2 Free Visits with Grub Control

2 Free Visits with Grub Control

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Tee to Green Program

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