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No Vole & No Mole Guarantee

When making an investment in your lawn and your home’s curb appeal, the last thing any homeowner wants are unexpected surprises and lawn damage from moles and voles. And at Tee Time Lawn Care, we don’t want to see that hard work and effort creating a beautiful lawn lawn for you put at risk.

To help, Tee Time Lawn Care’s “Tee to Green” program is backed by our no vole and no mole guarantee! You’ll have the confidence knowing that if moles or voles were to put your lawn at risk of damage, Tee Time Lawn Care will work to remove them for free.

Tee Time Lawn Care Tee to Green Program

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Fore! A Lawn You’ll Love

Experienced homeowners know it takes more than fertilizer to create the full, healthy lawn they love and curb appeal that stands out on their block.

Good lawn habits – Like sharpening mower blades each season; Mowing the grass at the proper height for the season, usually 3 ½ to 4 inches;  Watering the lawn 1 to 1.5 inches per week – all contribute to creating the best conditions for your lawn’s health and look.

With good lawn management habits, homeowners then can take the next step to getting the lawn in great shape with proper fertilization, weed control, and soil improvement. Unfortunately, when many homeowners look for help with their lawns, they are led to believe that fertilizer and weed control is the magic bullet they’re looking for and they end up disappointed with the results.   

If you’re looking to improve your lawn’s appearance and health, and already have good lawn habits, you should consider Tee Time Lawn Cares “Tee to Green” program. The “Tee to Green” program includes all of the services needed to build on your hard work and was developed “Fore! A Lawn You’ll Love”

Introducing “Tee to Green” Lawn Care Program

Tee Time’s Tee to Green Program includes all the services experienced homeowners need to take the next steps to ensure developing and maintaining a full and healthy lawn, including:

  • 7 applications of granular, organic based fertilizer to feed and nourish the grass you have
  • 3 applications of granular, pre-emergent weed control to keep difficult weeds like crabgrass and creeping charlie from getting established in your lawn
  • 6 applications of post-emergent weed control to eliminate broadleaf weeds that may emerge in your lawn
  • Preventative Grub Control to protect your investment from damaging insects
  • Fall, full lawn core aeration to relieve soil compaction and encourage grass root development
  • Fall, full lawn overseeding to grow new grass and fill in thin areas
  • Fall soil conditioning treatment that reintroduces important minerals to your soil, making it healthier for grass, encouraging balanced color and making your lawn less attractive to weeds
  • Free service calls
  • No Mole & No Vole guarantee*!
Exclusive Tee to Green program starting at only $62

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*No Mole and No Vole guarantee refers to baiting and trapping voles or moles at no additional cost to the homeowner who has enrolled in the Tee to Green program and is in good standing. Tee Time will continue to bait and trap while moles or voles are active. Tee Time does not guarantee that moles or voles will not become active on the homeowners property. 1$62 example payment for Tee to Green program for homeowners who enroll in a monthly installment plan. Installment duration and amount vary. Pricing is based on homeowner property location and size. Other terms and conditions apply. Contact Tee Time Lawn Care for details.

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Tee To Green Program

Tee to Green Program

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