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A beautiful lawn requires time and effort. The grass needs watering, cutting, fertilizing, and aerating. The soil needs perfect pH levels. And that’s where lawn lime treatment comes into play.

Liming a lawn helps balance the soil’s pH levels so it is neither too acidic nor too alkaline – it’s that sweet spot between the two levels which allows the grass to thrive.

What Does a Lawn Lime Treatment Do For Your Lawn?

Ideally, your soil pH should be between 6.0 – 7.0, depending on which type of grass you have and where you live. Cool-weather grasses need a pH that’s a bit higher while warm-weather grasses require a somewhat lower pH.

When the pH falls below 6.0 (or 5.8 in some cases) the soil becomes too acidic and the grass becomes unable to absorb vital nutrients like potassium and nitrogen. As a result, grass stops growing and lawn diseases come about.

Performing a lime treatment service will raise the soil pH levels and help the grass grow richer and fuller. When the soil has that optimal pH, it is able to receive the nutrients from lawn fertilizers.

Why Lime?

Lime is made from ground limestone, so it naturally contains plenty of magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate. When it is added to soil, these components make the soil more alkaline and less acidic, so the pH balance is restored.

It’s Time to Apply a Lawn Lime Treatment

If your lawn’s soil has become too acidic, not only will your grass struggle but the plants (lawn weeds) that thrive in acidic soil will invade your lawn. For example, the growth of lawn moss indicates that your lawn pH levels have gone down too much for healthy grass growth. Other indicators include an increase in pests, insects, lawn diseases, and weeds.

The best time for a lawn lime treatment is fall. The fall season has that extra advantage as well, since rain, snow, and freezing-thawing cycles allow the lime to break down properly.

Let Tee Time Lawn Care Give You the Lush, Healthy Yard You Deserve

Our lime treatment service can safely improve the nutrient levels in your soil and prevent the buildup of harmful toxins.

Our skilled lawn care technicians use organic, pet-friendly, and effective products at the right time to maintain and establish a lawn that’s the envy of your neighborhood. Give us a call or fill out the nearby quote form!

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