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Pre-Emergent Importance

March 2, 2018



Year in and year out the battle between your lawn and weeds rages on.  This can be quite frustrating  to homeowners throughout the year.  Unlike most lawn care companies we use a two step approach to keep the weeds out before they can compete with your lawn after waking up from its winter dormancy.  Our first two rounds are fertilizer with a pre-emergent herbicide to control crabgrass and broadleaf weeds.  Along with the preemergent we spray those tough to control and winter annual weeds while we are there.


Our pre-emergent begins working between the soil and the crowns of your turf, forming a barrier and stopping the weed shoots as they try to reach the surface.  The best way to combat weeds, especially crabgrass, is to stop them before they can reach the sunlight and compete with your lawn.  While this will eliminate the majority of weeds, you may see some stragglers as the barrier degrades due to environmental and mechanical factors, but they are much easier to control as they have been damaged by the pre-emergent.


Pre-emergent is the best way to keep your early spring weeds at bay and prepare your lawn for the coming summer.  As it is an herbicide spring seeding cannot be done as it will kill any of the grass seed that is laid down.  Spring Aerations also tend to break down the pre-emergent barrier, that is why we always recommend to do your aeration and overseeding in the fall. 


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