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August Lawn Care Tips

July 30, 2018

We are not out of the woods yet, August can be torturous on lawns.  Here are some tips to make sure your lawn stays in tip-top shape!


Adjust Your Mower Blade


August can bring some serious heat so protecting your grass is vital.  Mowing at the highest setting is going to shade the grass blades and help the lawn retain moisture.  This will steer you away from browning and dead spots.


Leave the Grass Clippings


After mowing, do not bag the remaining grass clippings.  Leaving them on the lawn acts as a nutrient booster and can help shade the grass from the heat.


Water Your Lawn


In order for the lawn to retain moisture it has to have it first.  Watering your lawn can be tricky with work schedules but do not water at night.  Watering at night promotes fungus growth and lawn insects.  We recommend watering two to three times a week in the morning hours (but not too early).  If you have a sprinkler system, ten to fifteen minutes will do.  If you have a hose, up to an inch will suffice.  Be sure to use your best judgment because there is such a thing as over watering and drowning out your lawn. 


Fertilizer and Weed Control


Feeding your lawn in the summer months with the combination of watering is a one-two punch for success.  Using our granular fertilizer with our weed control we are feeding your lawn and hitting the trouble areas.  It is important to take control of the weeds because they pull moisture from your lawn, making it hard for it to combat against the heat.  Not a customer of ours?  Get a FREE quote here.


Plan Ahead on Aeration and Seeding

We recommend everyone has their lawn aerated every fall because of the weather patterns we have in the Midwest.  Thatch build up can really hold back your lawn.  If your lawn is thinning or you have bare spots, seeding with aeration is the way to go.  You get a higher germination rate in the fall and gearing toward better results, with the right watering pattern of course!  Because you are planning ahead, enjoy $50 OFF aeration and seeding OR $25 OFF aeration.


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