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Fall Aeration and Seeding

July 25, 2018

With the fall season right around the corner it is a good time to plan ahead with your lawn!  If you are looking to take your lawn to the next level, we have an offer for you!


Aeration and seeding can bring your lawn to life!  Not only does this break up soil compaction, it also can fill in bare spots or thin areas in the lawn. 


Many customers ask us, why do this in the fall?  Because of the weather conditions seed germinates at a much higher germination rate than any other time of year.  Keep in mind, just because the germination rate is higher does not mean you do not have to water.  Watering after seeding is vital! 


So about that offer...


Save up to $50 on aeration and seeding!  Call your local branch or Request an Estimate!  


*Important Before and After Service Tips*


Drop your mower blade a notch lower, 2 to 3 inches before the service.  If no rain has been in the forecast, give the lawn a light sprinkle to help the aeration process.  Once we aerate and seed, you should water daily for about three weeks.  This can be adjusted to align with the weather, but keeping the seed moist will ensure quality germination.  We also recommend you do not mow for two weeks to allow the seed to grow strong roots and limit traffic on the seeded area.   




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