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Watering Tips for a Healthy Lawn

June 6, 2018

Summer is here and your lawn will need water!  Rain in the forecast may not be enough to give your lawn what it needs to stay strong in the heat.  Be careful when you do water, watering too late in the day can promote fungus growth because the conditions do not allow the lawn to absorb the moisture as it would during the day.  We recommend watering in the morning, giving the grass all day to take in that water.


So we have the timing down, but how often should you water?  We recommend watering two to three times a week, do not count on the rain, we know how unpredictable the weather can be!  Make sure you are mindful on how long you water, if you are using a hose aim for one inch of water each session (Quick Tip: you can use a tuna can to measure how much you are watering!)  Sprinkler users; time it out to about ten to fifteen minutes of water each session. 



Following these steps will help your lawn stay healthy through the heat of summer.  If you have any questions please message us or call your local branch. 

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