Fertilization and Weed Control

We have locally owned and operated fertilization, weed control, and overall quality lawn care programs that are designed specifically for the weeds and soil conditions in your area.

Pre- and post-emergent weed control applications

  • Season-long quality lawn care fertilization applications
  • Crabgrass prevention treatments
  • Pest control and disease control

Our trained and certified technicians apply organic-based fertilizer applications at the right time of the growing season. Not sure when is the best time to apply fertilizers? Call us today at 815-609-6969 or contact us online.

7-Step Quality Lawn Care Program: Say Goodbye to Weeds

No two lawns are the same. That’s why here at Tee Time Lawn Care, we customize our fertilization and weed control program to best fit YOUR lawn’s specific needs.

We start with a slow-release, high-iron, high-nitrogen fertilization, and pre-emergent with micro-nutrients to give your yard a lush green hue. This also includes broadleaf weed control (if necessary).

This step involves using slow-release fertilizers to kill off any weeds in the soil, and provide 3-5 months of effective blanket broadleaf weed control and Crabgrass control.

The second step is repeated with another application of a high-nitrogen fertilizer with a pre-emergent mixed in to completely eliminate the weeds.

An organic-based, kid-and pet-friendly fertilizer is applied to protect the lawn from scorching summer heat (broadleaf weed control included).

Another application of slow-release fertilizer to boost plant robustness and help recover the grass from heat stress (broadleaf weed control included).

For the most effective broadleaf weed control and root growth and development, a heavy dose of nitrogen is applied.

Application of winterizing fertilization is vital to promote water and food storage for root development. While this is our go-to lawn care process, it can be customized based on your lawn’s condition and your goals.

We firmly believe in having a sustainable approach to lawn fertilization and weed control programs, which is why our quality lawn care program involves so many comprehensive steps. Our 7-step process has been created based on decades of experience in the lawn care industry.

Our programs include slow-release granular fertilization treatments instead of the “quick fix” liquid treatments. Slow-release fertilizers have proven to provide long-lasting results and they make the turf grass resistant to pests, diseases, and weeds.

Also, more and more homeowners are now becoming environmentally-conscious and want to use products that reduce their ecological footprint. Our organic fertilizers and weed control products not only have minimal negative impacts on the environment, but they actually enhance the soil profile. Our quality lawn care experts always focus on nurturing the soil and the grass so it stays healthy for decades to come.

Tee Time Lawn Care service is dedicated to providing noticeable results fast without using a ton of potentially harmful chemicals and fertilizers. Whether you are struggling with overgrown weeds in your lawn, or simply want your yard to become the envy of your neighbors, our seasoned pros can help.

Our lawn care specialists pride themselves on their knowledge and passion to help our clients get the most desirable and sustainable outcomes for their lawns. Call our quality lawn care experts today at 815-609-6969 or leave us a message online to schedule a lawn inspection!

For the most effective broadleaf weed control and root growth and development, a heavy dose of nitrogen is applied.